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For Faculty

NextGen is a way for exceptional faculty researchers across the UM System to join forces to help improve health care and quality-of-life in Missouri and beyond. Precision health work isn’t limited to laboratories. The university is home to public health, extension, business and journalism programs that will play important roles in advancing NextGen team science. The resources listed below are available to help faculty identify training and collaboration opportunities within NextGen. For additional questions, please contact

Education and training

Discovery Series

The NextGen Precision Health Discovery Series provides learning opportunities for UM System faculty and staff across disciplines, the statewide community and our other partners to learn about the scope of precision health research and identify potential collaborative opportunities.

Science Seminars

NextGen Science Seminars are monthly lectures focused on a myriad of research topics that showcase the latest research from across the UM System.

Clinical Trial Investigator Training

The NextGen Precision Health Clinical Trial Investigator Training is a five-session educational program designed for investigators who currently lead or would like to lead clinical trials. The series includes lectures and panel discussions from leaders across the University of Missouri System, as well as Washington University in St. Louis, to define the regulatory, operational and ethical components of clinical trials, with the goal of developing a skilled workforce that provides the highest level of patient safety, teamwork and data quality. The program also covers institution-specific resources for investigators. For more information on the launch of this training, contact Mary Hindle at

August 4 - Session 1: Good Clinical Practice & Team Science
August 11 - Session 2: What is a Clinical Trial?
August 18 - Session 3: Patient & Community Engagement & Responsible Conduct of Research
August 25 - Session 4: Research Funding & Team Management
September 1 - Session 5: Institutional Resources

Find collaborators

Faculty Insight is available for all UM System faculty to identify collaborators. Search the site by name or research topic.

MU Research Interest Groups (RIGS) are a grass-roots effort by MU faculty to connect research groups with specific funding opportunities and to develop large-scale, competitive research and proposals to submit to national funding agencies.

Population Health Canvas site — Please send an email to and ask to be added to the Population Health Canvas site. The Canvas site will include recordings of seminars, along with other features to foster interdisciplinary connections.

Advance your innovations

Research often leads to new tools, therapeutics, diagnostics and other innovations that can improve lives. The Technology Advancement Office provides guidance on managing intellectual property, faculty startups and other aspects of the commercialization process.

Working with industry partners

Managing inventions 

Startup company requirements and resources

Mizzou Lab 2 Market — Mizzou Lab 2 Market is a network of contacts, programs and services available to inventors navigating the multi-faceted commercialization process. We can guide you, provide helpful resources and save you time.


    Molecular Interactions Core

    Equipment and services

    Find out more about available research instruments and facilities to take your research to the next level. 

    NextGen research facilities

    MU research cores