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Statewide Impact

Illustration with state of missouri graphic and EarthThe greatest motivation for NextGen Precision Health is the opportunity to improve the lives of all Missourians. At the University of Missouri System, we’ve realized that our high-quality research enterprise, academic health system and Extension presence in every county of the state make us uniquely situated to make a positive impact on life in Missouri. 

It takes an estimated 17 years for research discoveries to move into clinical practice. Our goal is to create a more efficient “bench-to-bedside” pipeline that rapidly converts our researchers’ discoveries into new technologies that translate to better treatments for MU Health Care patients. The research to health care technology pipeline would also feed into our statewide Extension network, with programs like the Missouri Telehealth Network and Show-Me ECHO, making sure that every corner of the state benefits from the latest medical advances.

Learn more about how NextGen will make a statewide impact below. 

MU Extension 

MU Extension has faculty and staff in all 114 Missouri counties and the city of St. Louis. These community-based specialists are ideal partners to help connect the high-tech approach of NextGen Precision Health with the high touch reach of Extension to Missourians throughout the state. 

Group of people working on a whiteboard at an MU Extension workshop

Missouri Telehealth Network and Show-Me ECHO 

Missouri Telehealth Network (MTN) began in 1994 as one of the nation's first public-private partnerships in telehealth, increasing access to patient-centered health care for rural and underserved Missourians. MTN operates Show-Me ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes), a videoconferencing program that connects interdisciplinary teams of experts with primary care providers and other professionals. These teams collaborate in interactive case-based learning to develop advanced skills and best practices, which improves patient care access, quality and efficiency. MTN and the Show-Me ECHO network act as a conduit for health care advances to reach every Missouri family. 

Group of people participating in telehealth meeting

What is precision health?

Precision health will develop interventions for individuals and populations to improve health outcomes. By using translational science to incorporate individual factors, such as genetics, environment and lifestyle, precision health accelerates the benefits of discovery, from cells to society.

Research & Solutions

Data Science and Analytics Innovation Center

UMKC and MU have jointly launched the NextGen Data Science and Analytics Innovation Center (dSAIC). The dSAIC will serve as a control center for NextGen Precision Health research and as a resource to analyze complex data for researchers across the UM System and industry partners. The ability to rapidly access and analyze massive datasets will accelerate research and improve outcomes not only in precision health, but also in finance, public safety, agriculture, life sciences and more. The dSAIC was jump started with $5 million funding through the UM System and a $2 million gift from former UM System president Gary Forsee and Sherry Forsee.

About the dSAIC