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Mary Christie

Senior Director of Education Programs


Tiffany Clevenger

Human Resources Partner

Tiffany is responsible for assisting with hiring practices, compensation, management relations, employee conduct and behavior, and strategic planning.


Micah Dilse

System Support Specialist

Micah is the point of contact for IT related needs for the NextGen building.


Charlene Emerson, PhD

Scientific Editor and Writing Consultant

Charlene is responsible for providing writing support for grant proposals from NextGen investigators. Her services include providing line-by-line review of proposal documents to provide suggestions to improve clarity and enhance persuasive impact. She also provides consultation in early stages of grant development to develop the narrative to manage scope, focus aims, and best appeal to reviewers.


John Grinstead, PhD

Scientific Engagement Director and Senior Key Expert in MR Ultrahigh-Field Imaging, Siemens Healthineers

Adjunct Research Professor of Radiology, School of Medicine

Dr. Grinstead is a magnetic resonance (MR) physicist for Siemens Healthineers, based at the NextGen Precision Health building. His primary area of research is the development of 7 Tesla (7T) MR applications.


Jan Ivey

Senior Research Specialist

Jan is responsible for the management of the Research Animal Cath Lab and all other animal imaging equipment in NextGen Precision Health. She is also the schedule coordinator for Cath Lab procedures and animal imaging equipment. She will conduct new user training to provide investigator support.


Lei Jiang, PhD

Research Scientist in Ultra High Field MRI, Siemens Healthineers

Adjunct MRI Physicist of Radiology, School of Medicine

Dr. Jiang is an MR research scientist for Siemens Healthineers, based at the NextGen Precision Health building. His primary area of research is the development of 7 Tesla (7T) MR applications.


Cecilia Juengermann

Business Administration Manager

Cecilia is responsible for the financial and procurement process for all NextGen personnel, provides guidance and assistance with expense reports, vouchers, Show-Me Shop and non-catalog requisitions, and prepares budget reports and analyses. She also oversees grant and sponsored programs activity.


Maureen Kemp

Administrative Professional

Maureen is responsible for assisting patients, scheduling/managing meetings, managing incoming/outgoing mail and packages, and providing support to the building at large.


Alyssa McLeod

Senior Executive Assistant

Alyssa is responsible for supporting the leadership of the NextGen Precision Health Initiative. Additionally, Alyssa will assist in development and planning of NextGen programming and staff events.


Theresa Musket

Facilities Manager

Theresa is responsible for management of the physical infrastructure of the NextGen building.


Ben Stewart

Director of NextGen Communications


Holly Young

Grant Proposal Manager

Holly is responsible for submitting grant proposals on behalf of NextGen.