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The Time Is Now

Precision health is at a precipice of innovation, and the University of Missouri will be at the forefront of this global transformation. We look forward to having you join us in our exciting mission to drive innovation and discovery. 

Your support of NextGen Precision Health will improve lives around the world and here at home while positioning the University of Missouri as a global leader in health care and technological advancement for generations to come.

Legislators, industry partners, donors and others have chosen to lend their support to this revolutionary project that will take precision health to the next level.

Help change the future of health in Missouri and beyond. 

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Hear what people are saying about NextGen Precision Health

“Truman VA has had a longstanding relationship with MU in areas that include both clinical care and research. The NextGen Precision Health Initiative will create an environment that maximizes our combined resources for the development of accelerated discoveries and advanced care.”

—Patricia Hall, director of Truman VA

“I think the NextGen research building will change the world by bringing all the resources of the UM System together. We have an unparalleled opportunity for us to lead the way in true innovation. This new facility is going to provide an interactive environment that brings together the researchers that build the basic pieces of drugs, researchers that test these drugs in living bodies and researchers that translate these drugs into the clinic – in one space.”

—Jeffrey Bryan, professor of medical oncology at MU College of Veterinary Medicine

“NextGen will tackle very real challenges to Missourians’ health, like diabetes, Alzheimer’s and cancer. We’re going to be able to touch every part of the state with innovations and knowledge that will save and improve lives in rural and urban communities alike.”

—Marshall Stewart, UM System chief engagement officer and vice chancellor for extension and engagement

“This NextGen Precision Health initiative has a chance to bring everybody together and work collaboratively. That is a very strong, very powerful advantage that Mizzou has.”

—Jim Fitterling, BS ME '83

“I read with interest the announcement related to the NextGen Precision Health initiative developed by the University of Missouri. Having spent a significant portion of my career providing care access for many residents within Missouri, I see the rural populations of our state benefiting greatly from improved access to the type of individualized care being pursued by the University.”

—Brooks Miller, President/CEO of Jordan Valley Community Health Center

“This is clearly the future of healthcare. It’s so exciting for the University of Missouri System and our state to make such a big decision that we’re going to be part of that future.”

—U.S. Senator Roy Blunt

“As an early adopter of Roche’s NAVIFY Tumor Board solution, UM demonstrates its role as an innovation leader and commitment to adopt solutions that improve patients’ lives and change the practice of medicine. We are excited to be part of the NextGen Initiative and help set the course for the future of health care.”

—Thomas Schinecker, CEO, Roche Diagnostics

“I think we will look back on the initial days of the Precision Health Institute and see this as one of, if not the most important thing that this institution will do for the future of not only our institution and community, but for our state and the world.”

—Missouri State Senator Caleb Rowden

“It is clear that there is no limit to what we will accomplish by unifying our strength across the university system. The NextGen initiative and research building are our opportunity to change lives immediately, not in some distant future.”

—Jon Sundvold, former chair of the University of Missouri Board of Curators

The diverse colleges on the Columbia campus, including veterinary, medical, and engineering, coupled with the campus’ unique facilities creates a unique opportunity for this multi-discipline research center. This endeavor promises unprecedented progress in animal and human health, in both research and application, with far reaching benefits for our University, the city of Columbia, the state of Missouri and humanity everywhere.”

—Thomas E. Atkins III, NextGen Donor and former President of the University Missouri Board of Curators