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Andrew Kelleher, PhD

Andrew Kelleher portrait

Assistant Professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Women’s Health, School of Medicine
Assistant Research Professor, College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources 

NextGen Focus Area: Reproductive Health

Andrew Kelleher's long-term research goal is to define the critical physiological and genetic pathways that regulate uterine development, function and regeneration for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of infertility and disease in women. To this end, his research utilizes mouse genetic models, endometrial organoid culture (human and mouse) and next-generation sequencing methods to comprehensively determine physiological and molecular aspects of uterine function and disease. 

Precision Health Impact:

  • Understanding the mechanisms controlling uterine epithelial development, function and regeneration.
  • Investigating the role of uterine glands in fertility and endometrial disease.


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