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Bret Ulery, PhD

Bret Ulery, PhD

Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering, College of Engineering

NextGen Focus Area: Biomaterials Engineering; Cancer and Immunology

As principal investigator of the Biomodulatory Materials Engineering Laboratory, Bret Ulery leads a team of researchers focused on the design, development and production of novel biomaterials for a variety of biomedical applications primarily in the fields of immunology and regenerative medicine. Inspired by healthy and aberrant biology, Dr. Ulery’s team creates polymer-based products from bioactive molecular building blocks for vaccine development, cancer treatment, immunosuppressive therapies and orthopaedic repair.

Precision Health Impact:

  • Developing novel immunomodulatory approaches to prevent infectious diseases, eliminate hematological cancers and facilitate transplant tolerance.
  • Creating new products to facilitate bone and nerve repair caused by traumatic and pathological fractures.


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Biomodulatory Materials Engineering Laboratory


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