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Dong Xu, PhD

Dong Xu

Curators' Distinguished Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Paul K. and Dianne Shumaker Professor, College of Engineering

NextGen Focus Area: Bioinformatics and Machine Learning

Dong Xu conducts research in many areas of computational biology and bioinformatics, including single-cell data analysis; protein structure prediction and modeling; protein post-translational modifications; protein localization prediction; computational systems biology; biological information systems; and bioinformatics applications in human, microbes and plants. His research since 2012 has focused on the interface between bioinformatics and deep learning.

Precision Health Impact:

  • Developing novel deep-learning methods for biomedical studies and applying them in disease studies and drug development.
  • Analyzing large-scale biomedical data to build hypotheses and models for various diseases, including cancers and neural disorders.


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