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Emma Teixeiro, PhD

Teixeiro Headshot

Associate Professor of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology, School of Medicine
Associate Professor of Surgery, School of Medicine

NextGen Focus Area: Cancer, Infectious Diseases

Dr. Teixeiro’s lab conducts research on the lymphocytes of the immune system that fight against infection and cancer. Her main focus involves T cells that become effective at clearing pathogens (viruses such as influenza or SARS-CoV2 and bacteria) and tumor cells and at providing long-term protection (immunological memory), with the goal to improve therapies for infection and cancer (vaccines and T cell based-tumor immunotherapies). 

Precision Health Impact:

  • Investigating how T cell lymphocytes provide long-term protection against infection and cancer. 
  • Applying novel discoveries in T cell biology to improve vaccines against influenza and other infectious diseases and tumor immunotherapies. 
  • Understanding how T cells contribute to transplant rejection. 

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