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Jianlin Cheng, PhD

Jianlin Cheng

William and Nancy Thompson Distinguished Professor in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, College of Engineering

NextGen Focus Area: Bioinformatics and Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Cheng’s research is focused on developing bioinformatics, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) methods to analyze biomedical data (e.g., omics data) for addressing fundamental problems in biomedical sciences. With the support from the National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation and Department of Energy, Dr. Cheng’s Bioinformatics and Machine Learning Lab (BML) has developed and applied bioinformatics and AI tools to predict and analyze protein structure, interaction and function; 3D genomes; and biological networks for many years, which are useful for studying molecular mechanisms underlying human health and diseases and designing drugs to treat diseases.   

Precision Health Impact:

  • AI prediction of molecular properties of genes, proteins, genomes, epigenomes and biological networks relevant to precision medicine
  • Omics data-driven analysis of molecular mechanisms of phenotypes and diseases

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