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Jorge G. Gomez-Gutierrez, PhD

Jorge Gomez-Gutierrez

Associate Professor of Child Health, School of Medicine

NextGen Focus Area: Cancer and Immunology

The Jorge Gomez-Gutierrez Laboratory is primarily interested in microbial-based cancer therapy. Dr. Gomez-Gutierrez focuses on investigating how virus- and bacteria-based therapies can be used to stop tumorigenesis and induce oncolysis and/or immune responses in cancers when conventional therapy is inadequate. He is studying two microorganisms: a conditionally replicating adenovirus also known as oncolytic adenovirus and the lactic acid bacteria Lactococcus lactis generally regarded as a safe and  used in the dairy industry to make cheese and yogurt.  

Precision Health Impact:

  • Developing cancer-selective tumoricidal agents to deliver immunotherapeutic molecules. 
  • Developing genetically engineered probiotic bacterium as immunomodulatory therapies. 
  • Overcoming cancer resistance to immunotherapy and targeted therapies. 


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