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W. David Arnold, MD

Headshot of Dave Arnold

Executive Director of the NextGen Precision Health initiative

Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Neurology and Medical Pharmacology and Physiology, School of Medicine

NextGen Focus Area: Neuroscience (Biology of the Aging)

David Arnold’s research program is focused on translational neuromuscular physiology in the context of health, aging and disease. His lab leverages clinical and preclinical studies to understand mechanisms of biological aging of the nervous system as well as genetic, acquired and sporadic disorders of muscle and the motoneuron. Adding years to a person’s life is not Dr. Arnold’s primary goal. Instead, he is interested in mechanisms of decline of the nervous system and muscle during aging and understanding ways to improve resiliency of nervous system function across the lifespan. 

Precision Health Impact:

Aging is one of the most important risk factors of disease.  

  • Understanding the mechanisms of age-related physiological decline and developing strategies to slow or reverse this impact.
  • Maintaining or improving function across the lifespan (improving “health span”).
  • Precision medicine interventions for genetic and sporadic forms of neurodegeneration.


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