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NextGen Cardiovascular, Muscle, & Metabolism Science Seminar – Sept. 11, 2023

The goal of the NextGen Cardiovascular, Muscle & Metabolism Science Seminar is to highlight transdisciplinary precision research taking place in cardiovascular, muscle and metabolism fields; provide opportunities for collaboration among researchers to build their own research efforts; and promote clinical/researcher activity across the University of Missouri System and our partners.

For questions about this event, please reach out to Veronica Lemme

"Intercellular Crosstalk During Regeneration Induced by Skeletal Muscle Injury"

Speaker: Steven Segal, Ph.D., Curators Distinguished Professor, Chancellor’s Professor of Research Excellence, Margaret Proctor Mulligan Professorship in Medical Research, University of Missouri School of Medicine

Date: Sept. 11, 2023, Noon-1 p.m.

Location: Tom and Linda Atkins Family Seminar Room, Roy Blunt NextGen Precision Health building



Dr. Segal’s research centers on understanding how microvessels interact with myofibers, peripheral nerves and stromal cells during regeneration induced by skeletal muscle injury. Following myotoxin injection, blood flow regulation recovers as regenerating myofibers mature and capillary networks remodel. Following volumetric muscle loss, angiogenesis precedes myogenesis as regeneration ensues. Understanding how myofiber innervation (neuromuscular integrity) is restored relative to angiogenesis and myogenesis is integral to ongoing experiments. Gaining new insight into mechanisms of intercellular crosstalk during regeneration and survival will translate into improving the recovery of microvascular perfusion, neuromuscular function, and the quality of life in patients affected by debilitating injury and neuromuscular disease.

About the SpeakerSteven Segal

Dr. Segal’s research interests include skeletal muscle injury and regeneration, microvascular injury and resilience to oxidative stress, mechanisms of blood flow regulation and microcirculation during aging. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in physical education and Master of Arts degree in exercise physiology at University of California, Berkeley. Dr. Segal received his Ph.D. from the University of Michigan in education (kinesiology) and physiology (muscle regeneration). His postdoctoral work in microcirculation was done at the University of Virginia. Dr. Segal currently serves as the Curators’ Distinguished Professor, Margaret Proctor Mulligan Professor in Medical Research and Professor of Medical Pharmacology and Physiology at the University of Missouri. He is an investigator for Dalton Cardiovascular Research Center and an affiliate professor for biomedical biological, and chemical engineering; biomedical sciences; and nutrition and exercise physiology.