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NextGen Precision Health Neuroscience Seminar - Oct. 24, 2022


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“Neuronal Acid Signaling in Ischemic Brain Injury”

Presented by: Dr. Xiangming Zha, Tenured Associate Professor of Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences, UMKC School of Pharmacy

Date: Oct. 24, 2022, 4-5 p.m.
Location: Tom and Linda Atkins Family Seminar Room, Roy Blunt NextGen Precision Health Building

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Brain acidification occurs in multiple neurological diseases, including brain ischemia. The Zha’s laboratory at UMKC School of Pharmacy studies molecular signaling through acid-sensing ion channels (ASICs) and proton-sensitive GPCRs in the brain. Using both in vitro and in vivo mouse models, we are investigating the contribution of brain acid signaling to ischemic brain injury.

About the Speaker

Dr. Zha has been working on brain acid signaling since 2004. His work on acid-sensitive ion channels (ASICs) includes their role in spine remodeling and signaling, channel trafficking and stoichiometry, acidotoxicity, and ischemic brain injury. In recent years, Dr. Zha has started to investigate signaling mediated by proton-sensitive GPCRs. His team’s recent work showed that GPR68 mediates neuronal acid signaling, contributes to hippocampal LTP and GPR68 activation offers protection in brain ischemia. These studies on ASIC and GPR68 emphasize acid signaling in neurons. In addition, Dr. Zha and his team also are examining brain acid signaling on cerebrovascular functions.